3ds Max Integration

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Here are some of the most common issues faced when using the 3ds Max integration and how to resolve them.

Drag & drop in 3ds Max 2021 & 2022 brings a UTF-8-related error message.

The problem is caused by the PC’s regional settings and/or a special character in the path to the integration. Usually, this issue is in the name of the Windows user.

  • SOLUTION: Enable the “Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support”. You’ll find the setting in Region → Additional date, time & regional settings → Change date, time, or number formats → Administrative → Change system locale…


Drag & drop stops working after a time.

The issue is mostly related to 3ds Max 2018 and appears to be random. The integration itself doesn’t cause it; in fact, Max stops reading the information transferred from Connecter.

  • SOLUTION: Drag & drop an asset from File Explorer to some part of your 3ds Max interface. Then try to drag an asset from Connecter again.

3ds Max displays an error after an update of the integration.

The first drag & drop of an asset after a new update of the Connecter’s integration may show an error dialog box. Usually, the problem is in the user permissions over the 3ds Max setting files, which prevents the proper update.

  • SOLUTION: Drag & drop an asset again. If the second attempt displays an error again, close 3ds Max and follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Integrations tab in Connecter’s desktop app.
  2. Open the 3ds Max Integration installer and press “Reinstall”. 
  3. Finally, start 3ds Max again and try to drop an asset to complete the reinstall.

Couldn’t drop .mat files in the Material Editor slot.

It’s currently not possible because the ME doesn’t allow drag & drop of material libraries from external applications. This option can be enabled with a workaround, which causes huge performance issues.

  • STATUS: We’re currently working on a solution.

Merging rigged assets (or ones within a group) isn’t working properly.

If the option isn’t working at all, we recommend checking the Connecter “Merge/Replace” options in 3ds Max. 

  • SOLUTION: Disable all Auto-ignore (skip) options. Depending on the asset, the issue may continue, and you’ll have to use the “Merge (max default)” feature. With some assets, the merge is possible, but the placing of the asset isn’t working as expected.

Slow export of “heavy” assets.

The time it takes to add an asset to Connecter is highly dependent on the hardware and the scene. There are suggestions that using the “Hold” command is slowing down the process, but for now, it’s essential for the current workflow.

Issues when adding assets with a duplicate external file(s).

If you experience such problems, keep in mind the following general rules:

  1. If there are already files with the name of the external files in the selected folder, the new ones will be lost (won't be saved). 
  2. If the asset uses multiple external files with the same name, they'll get overwritten, and only one file will be saved.

Problems with adding assets with Split.

After adding it to Connecter, Manage External Files (MEF) in Connecter shows all external files of the source 3d file (from which the asset is being added) rather than only those used by the individual asset.

During the process of adding assets, the script updates the paths of the external files for the source file (from which the assets are being added). For example, Copy in assets folder\maps + “set new path” will also update the paths of the current/source files.

3ds Max integration keeps resetting.


If you get this screen every time you drag & drop an asset in 3ds Max, your settings files are probably not updating due to permissions issues. 

  • SOLUTION: You need to check the permissions you have over this file: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax[YOUR VERSION OF MAX]\ENU\en-US\plugcfg\ConnecterScript.ini. Here’s what to do:
    1. Right-click ConnecterScript.ini and go to Properties.
    2. Untick the “read-only” checkbox in the General tab.
    3. In the Security tab, make sure you have all permissions over the file for your Windows user.
    4. Restart 3ds Max.



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