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Couldn’t complete the installation.

The installation wizard will show an error if you don’t have particular C++ redistributables installed and can’t download cppregist.exe. That usually happens if you don’t have full permissions.

Connecter can’t auto-update.

If you’ve downloaded version, you may not be able to receive an automatic update. 

In the desktop app, go to Help -> About Connecter to see if there’s an available update that can’t be installed. You’ll see the message “Could not check for update” if there’s an issue.

  • SOLUTION: Download the latest version of Connecter and install it.


Connecter loads in the Taskbar but doesn’t appear on the screen.

This issue has several reasons and can happen with many desktop applications. Usually, the programs remember the last X - Y coordinates they were opened on when your device was connected to an additional monitor. If those coordinates fail to refresh, they open in a virtual desktop area that isn’t part of the physical display.

It occurs when there is a change in the physical setup of your devices or their settings, as well as a Windows update.

  • SOLUTION: You need to close Connecter, open C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Design Connected\Connecter\, and delete the “appsettings.xml” file.

Selecting a part of a folder name while renaming causes a crash.

This bug is caused by the framework we use to create the user interface and can’t be resolved completely. We did our best to minimize the impact of this bug, but it can still happen from time to time.

The use of different languages causes problems for Google Drive paths.

The localization of the Google Drive desktop application can cause a difference in the path to the assets. That is a problem in a team environment, where everyone should access the assets through the same path.

  • SOLUTION: Turn off the localization following this guide. Use DisableLocalizedVirtualFolders 1. 

Auto-assign Previews

Ignoring part of a file name isn’t possible.

Currently, the options won’t allow you to batch process, for example, 3d assets ending with “suffix” (model_vray, model_corona, model_final) to an image with a partially similar name (model_preview). 

Manage External Files

MEF isn’t working with 3ds Max versions prior to 2010.

The information about the used external resources isn’t saved in the files created with very old versions of 3ds Max. That’s why we can’t show and manage it inside Connecter.

  • SOLUTION: Re-save the file to a newer version.



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