Problem Reporter Data Collecting and Sharing

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When the Connecter app detects a problem with any of its components (main app and integrations), or you want to report an issue through the Help menu > Report a problem, a separate Problem Reporter app will launch. It’ll invite you to send a report to help us fix the problem.

The Problem Reporter app will generate a report and share it with us if you send it. It’ll contain the following data:

  • The timestamp of when the report is sent.
  • The timestamp of when the crash occurred (in case the Problem Reporter app was automatically launched after a Connecter crash).
  • Connecter’s full version and release number.
  • Full version and release numbers of all Connecter integrations installed (if any).
  • The device's Windows operating system name and version number.
  • CPU architecture, amount of RAM, and disk space.
  • Connecter’s log file containing usage information which we need to replicate and fix the problem. 

Connecter’s log files can be found in: C:\Users\%user name%\AppData\Local\Design Connected\Connecter\logs – a lower number in the log’s name indicates a more recently created log. Typically the newest log file is named “connecter_log_00.tx1,” and it’ll contain this information:

  • Log files of all instances of the selected Connecter integration.
  • Connecter Workspace name.
  • Connecter Workspace username.

When sending a problem report, you’ll need to provide a valid email address so we can contact you to request further information or offer a solution. 

You’ll also be required to describe the problem and provide information about the Connecter integration (e.g. 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, etc.) you’re using. You can read more about our Problem Reporter data privacy policy.

IMPORTANT: We warrant that information about your IP address, Windows account name, or other personal data not explicitly stated above is never collected and shared by the Problem Reporter app.



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