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Connecter Preferences.

Thumbnails size

Thumbnails are separate, reduced-size versions of the asset previews, displaying each file in the Assets view panel.

Connecter generates thumbnails for 3d files, images, and other supported asset types and stores them in a local cache. Whenever possible, thumbnails for some files like PDFs are obtained directly from Windows.

Various assets with thumbnails in Connecter's Assets view.

The default maximum size of the thumbnails Connecter generates is 256 x 256 pixels. This relatively small size is set to deliver optimum performance when hundreds and thousands of assets are viewed simultaneously. 

If you still prefer to have bigger thumbnail previews (up to 400 x 400 pixels), you can adjust that from the “Thumbnail size” option. 

NOTE: Bigger thumbnails substantially impact the overall performance of Connecter negatively. If you change the size, the next time you browse a folder, Connecter will automatically generate new thumbnail previews to update those already cached.  

Use shared folder colors

Folders' colors are, by default, shared across the team (for Connecter Suite Workspaces) and all Connecter instances (Shared Workspaces). 

You can turn off this option if you want to use personal color coding that others don't see. By selecting the option again (Shared mode), you’ll keep your local color settings, and you can go back to them simply by deselecting the setting.

Switching between shared and local color coding.

Use transparency in Lightbox

The Lightbox is one of the tools Connecter uses to preview assets. PNG images often have transparency which you can set the app to preview by selecting the option from the Preferences window.

Showing image transparency in the Lightbox.

HDR lighting mode

Change this option to "Disable HDR Lighting" if you experience rendering issues with the interactive asset previewing (3d, HDRI, PBR Material Mixer, etc.).

HDR load mode

Change this option to "Low Resolution" if you experience rendering issues with the interactive asset previewing (3d, HDRI, PBR Material Mixer, etc.) or want faster loading at the expense of lower quality. 

Auto-hide custom previews

Use this option to automatically hide image files when you add them as custom asset previews.

Auto-hiding image files used as custom previews.

Search in image files keywords

If this option is selected, Connecter will also look into image file keywords when you search assets. 

NOTE: Use this option cautiously, as it’ll greatly slow your search experience. 

Show sample products

Select this option if you want Connecter to show the complimentary products that come with the installation. 

Showing the complimentary products.

Assets metadata source

For Connecter Suite Workspaces that use Shared Content Metadata, an additional option allows the user to switch between "Assets Local Content" and "Shared Metadata Storage". More information about this feature and its specifics can be found in the Shared Content Metadata guide.




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