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The Auto-assign tool is pretty straightforward, yet a few settings are available.

  • Asset Types: by default, the tool processes all asset types and formats, but you can select only the types and formats you need.
  • Preview Types: by default, the tool processes all image files to look for custom previews, but you can also check only the specific file formats you want.
  • Process assets in: the three options in the dropdown specify which folders the tool should work with.
  • Previews are located in: when you add a new matching pattern or select an existing one, the tool will show for your information where the custom previews must be found according to that pattern (e.g., same folder, subfolder, etc.). Note that the tool will use precisely this use case as a location for the previews and will ignore all other scenarios.
  • Existing previews mode: an option to tell the tool what to do when it encounters assets that already have custom previews added. You can choose to keep them, remove them or skip such assets.
  • Hide image files after auto-assign as previews: use this option if you want the tool to automatically hide from the assets view all image files that are added as custom previews to assets. This is handy if you don't need those preview files for something else and will give you a clearer view of your library. If needed, just use the "Show hidden assets" option to see hidden assets in the view.



Settings in the Auto-assign Previews tool.




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