Connecter 6

  • Updated

​​Connecter Suite Power-user features

  • Hybrid DAM: Allowing users to browse and consume assets stored on the cloud (AWS, Dropbox, Drive, etc.) and view assets' metadata without downloading their content locally. 
  • Shared indexed assets metadata: Metadata extracted from the content of all the assets in a Workspace will be indexed and then made available to all team members in various features like metadata filtering and indexed search.  
  • Web Catalogs: Allowing teams and partners to collaborate through curated asset collections with suggested assets and "accept/reject" workflow.


  • Ratings: A complete overhaul of the Ratings feature with aggregated stars, likes and "accept/reject" ratings.


  • Activity Stream: A dedicated tool showing all workspace changes with functionality to see events within a date range, filter by activity type and search. 

Common features

  • ​​Improved copying, moving and deleting assets UI/UX: A complete overhaul with visual comparison, renaming and flexible workflows when operating with multiple assets.


  • Alembic integration: Interactive 3d previewing of Alembic assets.
  • ​​Relocating missing assets: Allowing the relocation of multiple assets by just selecting a destination folder rather than clicking on assets one by one. 
  • ​​Showing starred folders and subfolders: Showing the subfolders of the starred folders when the "Show starred folders" option is selected.
  • ​​Sorting folders by color: Making color-coding even more helpful with the "Sort by color" option.


3ds Max integration 

​​Known issues in 2.80.60

  • ​​Switching between different Presets doesn't consider Asset Options and Custom zoom extents options.
  • ​​Asset Options: Background doesn't work.
  • ​​Updating assets may give an error in some cases.
  • ​​The "Save in" dialog box isn’t working in Max 2020 in some instances.

​​Legacy issues and improvements

  • ​​Current user settings are lost after a new version is installed. 
  • ​​Issues with merging rigged models.
  • ​​Issues with merging groups when the "Auto-ignore > Helpers" option is selected.
  • ​​Issues with merging ForestPack/Railclone assets.
  • ​​Issues with merging Chaos Scatter objects.
  • ​​Improvements on Merge as Proxy workflows: A complete rework of the functionality.

​​Cinema 4D integration

  • ​​Update the integration to match the current 3ds Max integration state introduced with Connecter 5. 
  • ​​Added MEF (Manage External Files) workflows.

Maya integration

  • ​​The first stage of Connecter's Maya integration comes with smart Merge & Place workflows with drag & drop interaction.



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