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In Unreal Engine

  • Command in Content Browser’s context menu when assets are right-clicked:
    • Export Assets to Connecter – prompts a folder selection window where the assets will be saved along with their previews in CUAP file format.

NOTE: The image is generated based on what you see in the Content Browser – if it’s a shader, for example, that hasn’t been fully loaded, it will appear as a grey shader ball. Exporting it again will fix the preview.

In Connecter

  • CUAP (Connecter Unreal Assets Package) as a 3d file format – enabled by default in Settings.
  • Commands in the context menu when a CUAP asset is right-clicked:
    • Load in Opened UE Project – the selected asset(s) will be loaded in the Content Browser of your active project. If some of them are already in there, they will be skipped.
    • Load in UE Project – prompts a folder selection window. The asset(s) will be transferred in it with all of their links and dependencies.
  • UE Asset metadata in the Details panel when a CUAP is selected.

Check out the short overview video:



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