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When the current local content of a versioned asset isn’t the same as the latest version, it’s displayed in the asset view with an orange diamond icon:


Sometimes changes in assets content happen by accident, or the result isn’t desired. Version Control offers the “Update to the latest” feature, which replaces the current local content with the last (most recent) version added:

update-to-latest.gif“Update to the latest” workflow.

Another excellent use case for the “Update to the latest” feature is when the local content of the versioned assets is missing. This, for example, can happen if the assets have been deleted outside Connecter while the app wasn’t running. Another scenario is when a particular user isn’t granted access to a shared assets folder.

update-on-missing.gif“Update to the latest” on a missing asset.

The “Update to the latest” workflow can be used on a selection of multiple assets (in this example, the assets are missing):

“Update to the latest” on multiple assets.



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