Editing Replies

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Once added, replies can’t be deleted but only edited within 15 minutes. To edit a reply, select it, make the adjustments to its content and:

  • Click the “Save” button.


  • Press the Control and Enter keyboard keys. 

edit-reply.gifEditing replies.

If you don't save the changes after editing a reply and close the Feedback tool, when you open the asset again in Feedback within the 15-minute editing time frame, your changes will still be available to save.


Closing the Feedback tool with pending changes to the replies.

When a comment isn’t selected, and there are multiple replies, you only see the last added reply. To see all replies:

  • Click the "Show all replies" button. That doesn't select the comment; longer replies only have snippets you can scroll down to see the full content. 
  • Click the comment to select it. The interface shows the entire content of all replies.

Showing multiple replies.



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