Saving Assets from Rhino

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Using the panel on the right-hand side, you can save selected assets from Rhino to Connecter and generate previews based on your viewport. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the object(s).
  2. Set the viewport in the desired position and rendering settings.
  3. Refresh the preview in the panel.
  4. Select the name and the location of the future asset.
  5. Click "Add Asset" to create the .3dm file.

Available options:

  • Rhino Viewport
    Changing the mode of the active viewport will change the preview that will be assigned to the asset. If you want realistically looking previews, you can go for a Rendered or Raytraced view.
    NOTE: You can have only one preview for a Rhino asset. It's saved as a native preview and is part of the .3dm file.
  • Selection
    The selected object will be added as a single .3dm file into your Connecter library. It will be isolated from the rest of the scene during the saving. The assigned textures will be packed with the newly created asset.
  • Refresh preview icon
    After you change your selection, the asset preview won't be updated automatically. You need to refresh it in order to see what will be assigned to the saved asset.
  • Asset name
    By default, it starts with the current date. You can change it however you like. If you match the name of a file that already exists, you will receive a warning that the file will be overwritten. Clicking "No" in that warning message will stop the process and allow you to rename the file.
  • Location
    Basically, the place where your new asset will be stored. You can either paste a path to a folder or use the folder icon to browse your PC files and folders. If the selected folder isn't part of your Connecter library, you will receive a message asking if you want to add the folder to the Workspace.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you are using Shared or Suite Workspace, the files should be saved with network paths so that all your teammates have access to them. If you try to save a file in a local folder, you will receive a message that the folder is not supported.

  • Add asset button
    Clicking it will start the saving process. It will only be accessible if you have selected an asset from your scene.
    After completing the saving process, you will receive a confirmation dialog. If you select the "Don't show this again" option, you won't see the dialog in the future even if you restart Rhino. The only notification will be a specific sound.


NOTE: If you want to receive the confirmation dialog again, you have to type "ConnecterResetValues" in the command prompt.



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