Free vs. Paid

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The core of Connecter is the Windows desktop application (the "client") which is completely free and can be downloaded from our website. It’s used to connect to databases which hold the library metadata called Workspaces.

The choice of a Workspace is the main differentiating factor. It determines if remote collaboration is possible and may allow access to additional features. Here's a basic comparison table:

Compare Workspaces-2.png

IMPORTANT: The Shared Workspace feature will be discontinued at the end of August 2024.

Around 70% of the desktop app features are free with the local types of Workspaces – Personal and Shared. The Connecter Suite service adds features geared towards more demanding collaboration workflows and distributed teams. Take a look at this article for a short overview of the advantages and limitations of each option.

We included a small table on top of every article to highlight the availability of the different features in the help guide.



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