Web Catalogs in a Nutshell

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This help guide is about a Connecter system called Web Catalogs, which allows teams to showcase their asset library in a web environment for users who don't have the desktop app.

The Web Catalog visually represents all cataloged assets (excluding interactive ones) that can be shared with Partners.

Users must have a Connecter Suite account and a Workspace to use Web Catalogs. All team members with access to a certain Workspace can browse and organize the Web Catalogs.

They’ll have two main organizational entities:

  • Smart Catalogs: Dynamic lists of assets based on a search or tag. They'll be updated based on the changes made in the Connecter desktop app.
  • Asset Sets: Hand-picked selections in the Web Catalogs, useful for showcasing a specific range of assets.

The Smart Catalogs and Assets Sets can be shared with Partners. They can only see the information shared with them and can't get access to the Workspace through the desktop application.

Connecter Suite doesn't host the image files for the Web Catalogs but instead chooses to use cloud-storage integration to host the files. This feature is currently integrated with Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Google Object Storage, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Web Catalogs are useful for designers or stylists who need to curate a list of assets for a project and can work comfortably with the images online without installing Connecter. The catalogs can be dynamic, so if a new asset is added, it'll appear online, and clients can see it without sending PDFs back and forth.



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