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Connecter Suite is a service that requires a subscription. The plans are for teams of various sizes, starting from up to five users to up to 20 users, with a custom plan option available for larger teams. All plans come with phone and email support, video conference support by appointment, and direct access to support engineers. Users can also order custom features and updates, personal training sessions, and early access to new features.

Connecter Suite subscription starts with a free 60-day mandatory trial for all plans, which don't require a credit card. The trial can only be started once, and users won’t be charged automatically when it ends. Users will receive an email reminder towards the end of the trial, and they can choose to continue with a paid subscription plan or cancel their subscription.

Subscription plans are paid monthly and charged at the beginning of each new monthly cycle. Subscriptions can be canceled by changing the auto-renew option to "disabled". Users can manage their subscriptions and access their invoices through their Design Connected ID account.

Upgrading or downgrading subscription plans is possible, with the monthly fee prorated based on the actual number of days remaining until the next scheduled monthly payment date. Currency conversion to Euro is available for users who don't use Euro as their currency. 

When a subscription expires, users will lose access to their workspaces, and their shared workspace and user data will be kept for six months in case they decide to use the service again. Migration from Connecter Suite workspaces to Teamwork workspaces isn’t possible.

Connecter Suite offers several subscription plans depending on the number of users needed:

  • For up to five users: €49 per month.
  • For up to ten users: €99 per month.
  • For up to 15 users: €149 per month.
  • For up to 20 users: €199 per month.

If you need more than 20 users, you can contact the sales team for a custom offer. All plans come with phone support (Monday-Friday), email support (six-hour response, Monday – Saturday), video conference support (by appointment), direct access to support engineers, order custom features and updates, personal training sessions, and early access to new features.



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