What's a "Power-user Feature"

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A term used for Connecter's advanced features that need additional setup before use. In general, they require a Connecter Suite Workspace, which is showcased in every guide.

The Power-user features add completely new workflows and expand the capabilities of Connecter far beyond the common features. For example:

  • Web Catalogs allow you to showcase the library in a sleek web portal and collaborate with clients, contractors, or stakeholders.
  • Version Control safely stores versions of assets in the cloud storage of your choice and tracks the local content's status. Connecter will handle versioning and give you options to roll back, review, and even make variations.

These features have to be initially managed by the admin in the Team Portal. After that, they’ll be available to all users with read/write or specifically set custom permissions.

NOTE: Some Power-user features like the Workflows and Collections panels are visible for all Personal and Shared Workspace users but aren’t functioning. They show friendly states, explaining their basic functionality.



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