Connecter Suite Subscription FAQ

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How does the trial work?

Start your free trial by choosing one of the available plans. No credit card is needed, and you’re under no obligation to start a paid subscription once the trial ends. When your free trial ends, you’ll be notified by email, and we won’t charge you until you explicitly choose to continue to use Connecter Suite.

Please note that you may only start a trial once. If you have previously started a Connecter Suite subscription, you can’t try it for free again.

Will you charge us when the free trial ends?

Your free trial won’t automatically transform into a paid subscription. Enjoy the full 60-day free trial to decide if you want to start a Connecter Suite subscription. Towards the end of your free trial, you’ll receive an email with a reminder and explanation on how to continue with your subscription.

When will we get charged?

When your free trial ends and you’re still happy with Connecter Suite, you can choose a subscription plan to get started. Connecter Suite subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis at the beginning of any new monthly cycle (subscription renewal date).

Do subscriptions auto-renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew on a monthly basis as far as the Auto-renew option in your account is set to “Enabled.”

How can we cancel our subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you must change the Auto-renew option to “Disabled,” and it’ll not renew at the end of your monthly subscription cycle. Your subscription will end once the month you have paid for is over.

What happens when my subscription expires?

You will lose access to your Workspaces*. Your shared Workspace and user data will be kept for six months if you decide to use the service again.

What are our payment options?

All monthly payments are made via credit/debit card. We can also issue an annual invoice for payment via a wire transfer. For the latter option, please, contact our support team.

How do upgrades and downgrades work?

If you upgrade from a lower to a higher-priced subscription plan, you’ll be charged the difference between the higher-priced plan and your current subscription price. Furthermore, the monthly fee you pay for your current package price will be prorated based on the actual number of days remaining until your next scheduled monthly payment date. 

Your regularly scheduled monthly or annual payment date will remain the same as your initial purchase date, with subsequent monthly or annual charges at the higher subscription price.

If you downgrade from a higher to a lower-priced subscription plan, your current plan will remain active until the end of the current subscription term, with subsequent monthly or annual charges at the lower subscription price. 

No refunds on downgrades are available.

What currency are we going to be charged in?

Design Connected is registered as an EU-based vendor, and we accept Euro currency only. If your currency is different, your subscription fee will be converted from your local currency to Euro.

Who can manage the Connecter Suite subscription?

A Design Connected ID is required to start a free trial and pay for a subscription. The account that originally initiates it can manage the subscription upgrades/downgrades, and payment settings, access the invoices, and invite team admin. Different users can manage the subscription and the team.

If you want to change the subscription manager, please, contact our support team.

How can we get the invoices for our payments?

Only the account (Design Connected ID) that manages the subscription can access the invoices. They’re all gathered on the dashboard.


* Migration from Connecter Suite Workspaces to Shared Workspaces isn’t possible.