The Benefits of Using a Third-party Assets Storage Solution with Connecter Hybrid DAM

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Selecting the right Digital Asset Management solution is crucial. Connecter Hybrid DAM offers more than just a robust, feature-rich DAM system. You can choose your preferred cloud storage provider, aligning your DAM strategy with your data storage needs and budget.

This unique approach provides adaptability and ensures security, cost efficiency, and seamless scalability.

Discover the benefits of Connecter Hybrid DAM that put you in control of choosing your cloud storage provider, as it doesn't come bundled with storage space.

Cost control

Cloud storage providers typically have flexible pricing models based on storage size, among other factors. That could result in significant cost savings, especially if your storage needs are lower than what a standard bundled DAM solution may offer.

This flexibility allows you to leverage existing relationships with specific cloud storage providers, potentially gaining additional benefits from bulk or long-term contracts.


As your business evolves, so will your data storage requirements. Connecter Hybrid DAM's ability to switch between cloud storage providers or upgrade your storage plan provides a scalable solution for your changing storage needs.

Data portability

Connecter Hybrid DAM doesn’t lock you into a single provider's storage ecosystem. If you migrate to a different storage provider for any reason, such as better pricing, features, or reliability, the transition process could be less complex since your data isn't tied to the DAM solution. 

Resource optimization

By offloading data storage to specialized providers, our team can focus on Connecter Hybrid DAM's core functionalities, ensuring optimal performance and feature sets without the overhead of managing data storage.

Best-of-breed approach

With this strategy, you're not compromising, as it allows you to use best-in-class software for each aspect of your business operations. You can choose Connecter Hybrid DAM for its standout features in Digital Asset Management and couple it with your choice's leading cloud storage solution.

Compliance, privacy, and security

As you retain control over where your data is stored, you can ensure compliance with any data sovereignty regulations that apply to your business. Moreover, you can choose a provider known for robust security measures to protect your sensitive data.

Backup and disaster recovery

Most cloud storage providers offer solid backup and disaster recovery solutions. You have a direct relationship with the provider by choosing your cloud storage when using Connecter Hybrid DAM. You can customize and manage your backup and recovery plans per your needs.