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The "Ratings" feature in Connecter allows all team members to contribute to rating assets in the library. 

Rating types

Team members can use simultaneously three rating types serving different purposes:

  • Stars: Rating assets with one to five stars. An asset can have multiple ratings added by team members. The asset rating is the average of all ratings, e.g., 3.5 (made of one four-star and one three-star rating). 
  • Likes: A rating where the user likes or dislikes an asset. The asset rating is the two numbers of likes and dislikes received.  
  • Approvals: A rating where an asset can have one Yes or No rating. In contrast with the other two rating types, this one doesn't aggregate multiple ratings but only shows the Yes or No rating left by one user. If a user leaves a No rating for an asset with a Yes rating, the asset rating will change from Yes to No. This rating helps teams quickly mark asset selections in approving and disapproving assets workflows. 

Rating assets

You can rate assets using any of the following workflows:

  • The Rating tab: Select one or multiple assets and drag and drop them over the desired rating. If the Ratings tab is closed, hover the tab icon briefly while dragging the asset selection to open it.
  • Asset contextual menu: Select one or multiple assets and use the Shift+R shortcut or click the Rating icon in the asset contextual menu. In the popup dialog box, you can leave your rating. With a single asset selection, you can also see all current ratings left by the team. 
  • Asset details panel: Select a single asset and click the Ratings button in the Asset detail panel. In the popup dialog box, you can leave your rating.
  • Shift+R shortcut: Select one or multiple assets and use the Shift+R shortcut. In the popup dialog box, you can leave your rating. 

Browsing rated assets

Open the "Asset ratings" tab in the "Productivity" panel and select a rating from the list to browse all assets with that particular rating. You can select multiple ratings from all three types simultaneously. Use the left mouse button to select multiple ratings while holding the Control keyboard key. Click on a selected rating while holding the Control keyboard key to deselect it. 

Working with Ratings 

Showing asset ratings

Rated assets have icons in the Assets view showing you their ratings with the average rating (Stars rating) or the rating number (Likes). You can also see all ratings for a selected asset in the Asset details panel's Asset Properties section.

Filtering assets by rating

Like any other catalog metadata, you can filter the Assets view by asset ratings. Click the Ratings filter to activate it, or click the arrow button and select one or more individual ratings.