Setting up the Shared Content Metadata Feature

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Team admins set up the Shared Content Metadata feature from the Team Portal. The shared content metadata collected by the Metadata Harvester tool consists of the following two types, each stored differently:

  • Content metadata (date created, size, Revit family types parameters, etc.): This metadata gets stored in the Workspace database (either hosted on Connecter's cloud or on-premises), and all Connecter instances connected to the Workspace consume the shared content metadata from there like the other catalog metadata.  
  • Assets' preview thumbnails (the visual metadata harvested from the asset content): This metadata gets stored in cloud storage enabled specifically for this feature, similar to how the Version Control system in Connecter works. The Metadata Harvester syncs the harvested thumbnails to that cloud storage, and all Connecter instances get them from there to show the shared preview thumbnails.

Setting up the cloud storage

Setting up cloud storage for the shared content metadata feature is the same as for the Version Control system. To set up the cloud storage, go to the Workspaces tab in the Team Portal and refer to this article about how to proceed.


Enabling the feature

Once the cloud storage is set up and all needed metadata collected by the Metadata Harvester is added, you can enable the feature for your team. 

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the whole library metadata the Metadata Harvester tool gathers is successfully added and available from the feature's cloud storage before enabling the feature, thus making it available to use for all users connected to the Workspace. Also, make sure all your team members know what to expect from this feature and how to switch to using their local content metadata as a backup option in case the shared content metadata behaves not as intended. 

To enable the Shared Content Metadata feature, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Workspaces tab in the Team Portal.
  2. Click the "Shared Metadata" button for the Workspace for which you've set up the cloud storage.
  3. Tick the preferred storage provider and the "Enable the Shared Content Metadata feature" box.
  4. Click the "Activate" button.





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