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Click the "gear wheel" button to get access to the settings that you can adjust for the "Add to Connecter" workflows. 


Merge and Place 

When the user drag & drop a Maya asset (.mb) from Connecter, you will get a dialog box with the following options:

  • Open File: Loads the content in a new scene.
  • Merge and Place: Allows the user to pinpoint the location of the drop and repeat it.
  • Cancel: Close the dialog and quit the operation.



If the target scene has objects that the user has selected, drag & drop from Connecter will have an additional Replace option. Selecting it will open a dialog box for scaling and orientating the assets. Then, all selected instances will be replaced with the asset that is dropped from Connecter.


Add new 3d asset from selection

The user can turn an object from a scene into a Maya asset saved in the library. The assets are saved in mayaBinary file format (.mb).

A dialog box with the following available options will appear:

  • Asset name: Selects the filename of the asset.
  • Save in: Determine the folder in which it'll be saved. If the folder isn't part of your Connecter library, it'll be automatically added as root.
  • Preview type:
    • Grab From Viewport: Isolates the asset and snaps a custom preview from that scene.
    • No: The saved asset won’t have a custom preview.
  • Advanced: It allows the user to generate a gallery from the viewport or existing files, which will then be assigned as custom previews for the asset.



Add scene as 3d asset

Saves the entire scene as an asset in Connecter’s library as a mayaBinary file format (.mb). Has the same options as “Add new 3d asset from selection”.

NOTE: The “Grab From Viewport” preview will be saved based on the current state of the viewport.



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