Connecter v.6.x Changelog

  • Updated


date: November 15th, 2023


  • Connecter Suite: Our SaaS product has a new name that better explains what comes with it. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation fix - locating folders wasn’t working after tags search.
  • Minor Batch Rename tool fixes.


date: October 2nd, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Shared Content Metadata caching.


date: September 21, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Connecter to crash on startup on some Windows instances.
  • Resolved minor logical issues with the corner case calculations of Ratings.
  • Various UI/UX improvements.


date: September 14, 2023

New Features

  • Hybrid DAM: Connect your preferred cloud storage to offload assets from the local file system. Browse previews and use asset metadata without keeping the content locally. Easily download assets when needed and sync updated content from or to the Hybrid DAM. Available with Connecter Suite subscription | Guide
  • Shared Content Metadata: This new feature allows teams to harvest previews and other available metadata from assets’ content from one dedicated Connecter instance and provide all users with ready-to-use visual previews and rich metadata with instant search and filtering. No more waiting for previews to generate while browsing folders or searching for assets.
    Available with Connecter Suite subscription | Guide
  • Ratings: Introducing a new “Ratings” tool for collaborative asset assessment allows teams to recognize their most valuable content and tackle problematic assets.
    Available with Connecter Suite subscription | Guide
  • USD assets support: Interactive previewing of USD assets.
  • Alembic assets support: Interactive previewing of Alembic assets.
  • Manage external files of Rhino *.3dm assets: You can now manage the external references of your *.3dm assets directly in Connecter without even opening Rhino. Review statuses and quickly solve missing external file issues. 
  • Collections in Web Catalogs: A giant leap for the “Web Catalogs” feature toward more collaborative workflows for teams, clients, and contractors. Allow your partners to suggest assets for the next project or get their approval (or rejection) on your asset selections.
    Available with Connecter Suite subscription | Guide
  • Workspace Activity stream: A new administrative tool making it easy for team admins to monitor workspace changes and track every event with handy search and filtering.
    Available with Connecter Suite subscription | Guide
  • Improved Copy, Move, and Delete operations: Copying and moving assets in Connecter is a much more complex task (compared to Windows File Explorer) as it involves not only the asset content on the file system but also updating large metadata streams and workspace databases in real-time. We’re introducing a significant improvement in delivering faster operations that don’t block Connecter’s other functionality, plus workflows for on-the-fly asset comparing and duplicate names resolving.
  • Generate Custom Previews with Cinema 4D: Similar to 3ds Max, now you can easily generate custom previews of your Cinema 4D assets directly in Connecter by utilizing a run-in-the-background dedicated instance of Cinema 4D.  


  • Maya integration: Our first take on Maya is an early alpha version for enthusiasts who want to try it and participate in the development with bug reports, feedback, and suggestions. Guide
  • Cinema 4D Integration v2: The Cinema 4D Integration received an almost total rework to catch up with the functionality of Connecter’s leading integration for 3ds Max. Enjoy updated interfaces and new workflows like “Merge assets as proxies'' and many other improvements. More information

Other Improvements

  • Relocating missing assets: Now, it’s easier to relocate missing assets by simply pointing to a folder rather than relocating them individually.
  • Managing custom previews: A brand new powerful tool for managing custom previews. Select as many assets as you want or whole folder structures and resolve missing preview issues with a few clicks.    
  • Working with folders:
    • Added sorting folders by color;
    • The Folders panel now shows the sub-folders when you search or filter starred folders.
  • Tags: Use the Shift+Enter key combination to the Asset tags management tool (Ctrl+T) to tag assets with the tags from the current search.
  • Version Control: 
    • Added Version Control contextual commands on folder multi-selections;
    • Added a Feedback icon in Version Control Details on versions with feedback.
  • Filtering: Similar to how it works with Tags, you can now use a “Show all / Show combined” logic with the secondary filtering options like “Starred assets”, “Tagged assets”, “Versioned assets”, and the others.

Bug Fixes

  • As always, this major release includes fixes and minor improvements to improve Connecter's work.  



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