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You can assign an unlimited number of images as previews to an asset, and the number will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the asset’s thumbnail. However, if you delete or move some of these preview files or rename the folder that contains them using Windows Explorer, the number will remain the same, and you’ll be able to see them in the thumbnail panel but not open them.

If you need a way to fix that, Manage Custom Previews is a tool you can access from the assets or folder contextual menu that allows you to restore the missing previews. It’ll also show you the number of previews an asset has, how many are missing, and their names and file paths. You can also use it on a multiselection of assets or folders.

Selecting the “Relocate Missing Previews” function from the top right corner of the dialog box lets you choose the folder containing the missing file and have it recovered as a preview. Clicking on the “Add one or more destination folders” will allow you to keep selecting other destinations to relocate all missing previews. 

IMPORTANT: The function works based on the names of the preview files, not their content. Also, performing this action won’t change the location of the preview file; instead, it’ll change the path Connecter uses to access and display it.

Keep in mind that you can also tick the “Look in subfolders” box if you don’t remember the specific folder the asset is in. That will allow you to choose the main directory and have Connecter look through the folders until it finds the missing asset. However, it’ll only compare names, so if you have another file with the same name, there’s no guarantee it’ll choose the correct one.



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