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Connecter's Find Duplicate Assets tool helps you locate assets with the same name and/or content. To access it, you need to go to the Tools dropdown in the app and select it, and a settings dialog with several options will appear.

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Preparing the search criteria

The settings dialog has several sections you can use to modify the search criteria the tool will use to look for duplicate assets, starting with the Asset Types. By default, all types will be active, but you can untick any unnecessary ones.

Additionally, clicking the small arrow next to each asset type will open another window to untick the 3d Asset Formats you don't need for the search. You can also make them active later on from there.

In the next section, Asset Content, you'll determine whether the tool compares or ignores the content. If you decide on the latter, only the Matching Options you tick in the following section will be taken into account. Comparing content is helpful if you have duplicate assets with different names.

The Matching Options section lets you compare assets by name, file extension, size, and creation and modification dates.

Lastly, you have to decide whether you want the tool to run on your entire library or only on the folder you're currently in and, optionally, its subfolders. Checking your entire library will take some time, but it's the only way to ensure you don't have duplicate files in different folders.

NOTE: Find Duplicate Assets works only on the folder level. It's not possible to use it on tags, Collections, or other organizational entities.

More about Assets Content 

Assets have two types of content – physical and logical. The physical is what the system sees: a collection of bits, while the logical is what the content represents. It could be an image, 3d model, audio, etc.

In the case of the "Find Duplicate Assets" tool, choosing the "Compare content" option for image assets, for example, will have Connecter compare the images pixel by pixel.

On the other hand, if you choose to ignore the content – the tool will compare the assets by the Matching options you check in the following section of the dialog, like file name, file extension, file size, etc.

Checking the results

Once the tool completes the check, it'll display a window with the results. It'll list the original assets and its duplicates, along with some of their metadata, like preview, extension, path, etc.

duplicate results.png

From the menu on top, you can select "Compare" for image files to manually verify if the assets in question are identical. There's also a "Delete" option to remove the assets you don't want to keep in your library anymore.

NOTE: "Delete" is a destructive action that removes the assets not only from Connecter but also from your file system.



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