Starred Assets and Folders

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Connecter's Star functionality helps you mark your favorite items – assets and folders – for faster localization and quick access. Anything a user has starred is visible only to themselves and not the other team members.

Starred Assets

To Star an asset, you need to open the assets’ context menu and click on the ⭐ symbol. Then, a Star icon will appear on the top left corner of the asset. You can see all your starred assets in the Asset view by selecting the Star filter from the secondary filters bar.

Starred Assets and Folders 1.gif

How to star multiple assets.

NOTE: You can unstar an asset by clicking the Star symbol from the assets’ context menu.

Starred Folders

To Star a folder, you need to right-click on the folder and choose "Star" from the context menu. Then, you’ll see the changed icon of the folder. You can see all your starred folders by clicking the Settings button of the Folders panel and ticking the “Show Starred Folders” box. Starred folders come with their whole hierarchical structure of subfolders. 

Starred assets and folders 02.gif

How to star folders.

NOTE: You can unstar a folder by clicking “Unstar” from the folders’ context menu.



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