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Every Connecter Suite Workspace can have one Web Catalog. This feature allows you to share the previews (excluding the interactive ones) of your cataloged assets (tagged, rated, starred, with custom previews, etc.) with Partners. 

A Partner is someone who isn’t a part of your team and can’t open your Workspace, for example, a client or a collaborator. They can only access the previews of the assets shared with them in the Web Catalog. Partners aren’t counted as members of your Connecter Suite subscription plan, so you can have as many Partners as you need. 


Team Admins set up the Web Catalog feature from the Team Portal.

  1. Log in to Team Portal as Admin.
  2. Go to the Workspaces tab.
  3. Go to Storage Settings:
    • Give a name for your Storage provider.
    • Choose a storage provider or local drive (where the previews of your assets will be hosted).

Web Catalog - Setup and Activate_1.gif

Storage provider setup.

NOTE: Go to the Storage providers guides section and check the specifics of each option to find the one that suits you best.

4. Then, go to the guide for the preferred storage solution and follow the steps to set it up.

Web Catalog - Setup and Activate_2.gif

Guides for feature storages.

5. After the initial provider setup, you need to activate the Web Catalog feature as explained below.



To activate the Web Catalog feature, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Team Portal as Admin.
    2. Go to the Workspaces tab.
    3. Choose the Web Catalog option.
    4. Type in a name for your Web Catalog (you can change it later on).
    5. Tick the box of the storage provider you set up for the Web Catalog.
    6. Click on Activate.

Web Catalog - Setup and Activate_3.gif

Activate Web catalog.



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