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After you activate the feature, you need to sync your cataloged assets by following these steps:

  1. Open Connеcter’s desktop app and log in.
  2. Choose the Workspace with the activated Web Catalog feature.
  3. Go to Tools > Web Catalog.
  4. Click on Start syncing – you'll see a warning message that requires your confirmation. Click “Yes, I confirm” to start the syncing process.

NOTE: Make sure you have Read/Write permissions in this Workspace. 

If you stop Connecter’s instance that the sync is running on, any changes that other Team Members made won’t be updated to the Web Catalog. When you start this Connecter instance again, the sync will continue automatically.

If you need to continue the synchronization process on another Connecter instance, you or any of the other Team Members with Read/Write permissions can use the “Switch to this PC” option.

TIP: If you start the Web Catalog feature for the first time or have a significant asset library, we advise you to start the sync at the end of the workday or right before the weekend.

  1. After you see the “All synced for now” message, click on the link for your Web Catalog above, and your Web Catalog will open in your browser. 

The previews of the cataloged assets are uploaded to the storage provider you chose. The maximum preview resolution Web Catalogs supports is 2000 px width. If you have bigger previews, they’ll be downscaled to ensure a smooth performance. If your cataloged assets are without previews, their native preview will appear in the web portal.

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Web Catalog sync.



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