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Export Catalog is a handy tool that allows you to create a PDF catalog quickly from a selection of assets. It works with the assets in the Assets View, so it can be used on a particular folder, tag, search, and so on, or a combination.  

In the video below, we showcase a couple of workflows for the Export Catalog tool:

How to export PDF catalogs from Connecter?


You can combine different tools and features by using search and filtering options, managing asset types and extensions, or some of the organization and productivity tools Connecter has to get the exact selection of assets you need in the Asset View. 

Then, you’ll need to go to the Tools menu dropdown and select the “Export Catalog” option. The “Export PDF” dialog will open, and you’ll have several options to choose from:

  • Show catalog name: 
    • – your catalog won’t have a title on the first page.

  • – you can choose and fill in the name of your catalog in the field below.

  • Show filename:
    • – only images without their filenames will be displayed in the catalog.

  • – every asset’s thumbnail will have its name below it. 

The “Replace names with numbers” becomes available, and if you tick it, the images in the catalog will be numbered “1, 2, 3,..” etc.

  • Export selected files only – this option becomes available if you have a selection of assets in the Assets View.
    • – all assets’ thumbnails from the Assets View will be exported in the catalog.
    • – only the selected assets’ thumbnails will be exported.

When you’re ready, click on the “Export” button and choose where to save your exported catalog and a name for it.

“Export PDF” dialog box.

NOTE: If you have hidden assets in the folder and the option “Show hidden assets” isn’t checked, they won’t be added to the exported catalog. However, if “Show hidden assets” is checked, they’ll appear in the Assets View and will be added to the exported catalog. The same goes for the “Show missing assets.”





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