Named Members vs. Concurrent Users

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In Connecter Suite, like many other SaaS solutions, your Workspace can accommodate different numbers of named members and concurrent users depending on the subscription plan.

Solo & Duo

In the Solo and Duo plans, you have the so-called named members, who determine the number of connections you can make to the Connecter Desktop app. 

Therefore, with Solo, you can have one account active on one device, and with Duo, two accounts active on two devices.

The number of concurrent users, in general, refers to the possible number of simultaneous active connections to the Workspace. So, in the case of these plans, the number of named members and concurrent users is the same. 

Suite Plans for Teams

With the rest of the Suite subscription plans, a team admin can invite unlimited team members to a Suite Workspace. They’ll have access to all features and content within the Workspace and can perform actions based on the permissions they were given.

However, the number of simultaneous active connections to the Workspace is determined by the number of concurrent users your plan allows. 

So, team members represent the total number of individuals who can access your Suite Workspace, while concurrent users represent the maximum number of people who can log in and actively use the Workspace simultaneously.



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