Relocate Missing Folders and Assets

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Folders and cataloged assets in Connecter become “missing” when their names or locations are changed or when they’re deleted through Windows File Explorer or any other app.

IMPORTANT: To avoid all these problems, it’s best to rename, move, and delete assets and folders within Connecter.

How to Relocate Folders and Keep Your Metadata?

Relocate Missing Folders

If a folder is moved, you’ll see it in its new location in the Folders panel, as well as a missing folder in its original location.


Missing folder.

In the previous folder location, you can see the assets contained with a “Missing asset!” label on them. In the new location, the folder has the assets but without their metadata. If the “Show missing assets” option from the Settings dropdown is checked, the assets will appear in the Assets View.

“Show missing assets” option.

To fix the problem, right-click on the missing folder and choose the “Relocate Missing Folder” option from the context menu. A dialog will allow you to navigate and select the folder’s new location. Choose the “Merge folder” option to relocate the folder. All of the metadata for the assets will be relinked to them at the new location.

The same solution can be used if the folder is renamed. 

When a folder becomes missing because it has been deleted from the file system, you can right-click on it in Connecter and choose “Remove” if you no longer need it.

Root folders can be relocated, even if they’re not missing – a useful option when you’ve added a whole drive and need to change the drive letter. Right-click on the root folder and choose “Relocate folder” from the context menu.

Relocate Missing Assets

A similar solution is available to relocate a missing asset (when moved or renamed). Right-click on the asset and choose “Relocate Missing Аsset” from its context menu. Navigate to its new location and select the file in question.

The feature is available for a multiselection if more than one asset is missing. Right-click on the selection and choose the “Relocate Missing Assets” option from the context menu. A dialog will allow you to navigate and select the folder where the assets are moved to. Also you can choose to include the subfolders in the process.

If an asset is deleted, the option to remove it is available in the assets context menu.

NOTE: The assets become missing only if they’re cataloged. Otherwise, they’ll be moved to the new location without any metadata.

Missing assets.