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If you've used KStudio's Project Manager 3ds Max Plugin and wish to transfer your organizational structure and assets' metadata from there to Connecter, you can use our tool to automate the process.

Since the interface and organizational tools are different in Connecter, here's what you can expect:

  • The folders you have in the Project Manager's catalog libraries – "Models," "Materials," "Textures," and "IES" – will be added to Connecter as root folders.
  • All custom previews you have assigned to assets in Project Manager will be linked to the respective assets in Connecter.
  • Each catalog library – "Models," "Materials," "Textures," and "IES" – in Project Manager has a separate "categories" structure. So, if you have created "categories" there, they'll be transferred to Connecter as subtags to a tag named after the catalog library. For example, if you have a category called "PBR" in the “Materials” catalog library in Project Manager, it would become a "Materials" tag with a "PBR" subtag.
  • If you have assigned colors to your folders in Project Manager, they’ll be mapped logically in Connecter.

How to Import from the Project Manager Plugin?

The process is straightforward, and these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create a new Workspace of any type.

    NOTE: You can use an existing one, but that may affect the entirety of the transferred data.

  2. Go to the "Tools" dropdown and select "Import from Project Manager Plugin" to open the dialog.

  3. Select the type of database you used in Project Manager – MySQL or SQLite.

  1. Input the path to the Project Manager settings directory. By default, it would be where the Project Manager Plugin is. It’ll look like this: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\[YOUR 3DS MAX VERSION]\ENU\scripts\Kstudio\ProjectManager_[VERSION]\Settings

From here, things differ depending on your database type.

If you have a SQLite database, you'll have to fill in the SQLite database directory path. By default, it's the same path you used above for the settings. If you need to check, go to the Project Manager 3ds Max Plugin -> Customize -> Preferences -> DataBase and copy it from there.

If you have a MySQL database, you'll have to fill in the database settings: Server, Port, User Name, and Password. To do that, go to the Project Manager 3ds Max Plugin -> Customize -> Preferences -> DataBase and copy the settings.

Press "Import," and when the process is complete, Connecter will restart.

IMPORTANT: If your Workspace already contains folders, tags, and other organizational entities, the ones you import from the Project Manager 3ds Max Plugin won't override your existing structure. Instead, they'll add to it. However, it’s recommended that you create a new Workspace to avoid any potential conflicts in case you have some of the assets from Project Manager already added to Connecter.