Connecter Suite FAQ

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What’s Connecter Suite?

Connecter Suite offers reliable management and high-performance synchronization of digital assets' metadata. Local or distributed team members can easily find content within Workspaces hosted on the Connecter Suite platform, on-premises, or public/private cloud services. 

It has a web-based "Team portal" for teams and members management with granular access permissions controls, usage stats, and more.

What’s the price of Connecter Suite?

Connecter Suite is offered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and is licensed on a monthly subscription basis. The price tiers are based on the maximum number of concurrent users: 

  • Up to five users: €49/month.
  • Up to ten users: €99/month.
  • Up to 15 users: €149/month.
  • Up to 20 users: €199/month.

Custom subscription plans are available for larger (or smaller) teams. Please, contact us for a personalized quote if you don’t fit the predefined plans.

Will all of our assets be uploaded to the Connecter Suite cloud?

No. Connecter Suite doesn’t mess with your actual files – they stay on your local network or any other assets-sharing setup you use. 

Instead, it only manages the metadata (e.g. tags, descriptions, local paths to files, etc.) your team adds to those files in Connecter to organize them in a neat assets catalog.

Where is our shared Workspaces data (user data) stored/hosted with Connecter Suite?

Each subscription includes free hosting on the Connecter Suite platform with a one-click Workspace setup. Shared workspaces can also be self-hosted on-premises (e.g. local network servers, remotely managed servers, etc.) or on a public/private cloud service. 

The self-hosted option will require the setting up of a PostgreSQL database where all workspaces data* will be stored and managed.

Can we deploy Connecter Suite totally on-premises?

While user-generated data stored in your team's Workspaces can be hosted and managed on-premises, Connecter Suite still requires its cloud-based services. Namely, it needs them to run teams, user management, and web-based applications like Web Catalogs. 

In other words, you’ll always need an internet connection to use Connecter Suite. 

We’re already using Connecter; do we need Connecter Suite?

If you already have a shared Workspace with your team, you may consider the Connecter Suite solution for the following reasons:

  • You’ve reached the maximum number of five connections to the shared Workspace.
  • You have a distributed team that needs a globally accessible shared Workspace that isn’t limited to the local network.
  • You want to have your team use meaningful Connecter user accounts with granular access permissions.
  • You want to publish assets metadata on Connecter Suite’s Web Catalogs web-based application to share curated catalogs with team members and external partners.
  • You need the Version Control feature for your workflow.
  • You want to get notifications about changes in the Workspace and user usage information.

Can we migrate our existing shared Workspace data to Connecter Suite?

Yes. In Connecter, select "Migrate Workspace" from Tools and pick one of your existing Shared Workspaces. If you need, you can extract the existing custom previews to a folder accessible by your whole team. We recommend placing it with your assets.

Remember that if you want to use Connecter Suite from multiple locations (outside your office), all assets should be hosted in a place accessible to all users – the easiest way is using cloud services like Dropbox, Drive, etc.

How is the number of users determined?

Your Connecter Suite monthly subscription plan limits the number of concurrent users having simultaneous access to a shared Workspace within your team. There’s no limit on how many members you can add to your team, but only the subscription plan-determined number of them can access your shared Workspaces at any given time.

You can upgrade to a higher subscription plan if the maximum number of active users is reached.

How are the team and members managed in Connecter Suite?

All information about teams and members is hosted and managed on Design Connected servers through a convenient web portal. All team members can be invited (or restricted) and assigned to different Workspaces with respective access rights.

How are shared Workspaces managed in Connecter Suite?

All information about your team and members is hosted on the Design Connected platform and managed through a convenient Team web portal.

A maximum of ten workspaces can be created within a team, where each can be shared with a different number (limited by the active subscription plan) or/and different members. If you reach this limit and want more, please, contact our support team.

Does Connecter Suite support Single Sign-On?

Yes, you can use Microsoft’s Azure AD Single Sign-On to manage your users and synchronize them with the Team Portal. Learn how to set it up. Expect more Single Sign-On options in the future.


*Workspace data don’t include the actual assets and their previews. Multiple setups are available for shared access to assets files and previews.



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