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All Connecter integrations are separate software the Connecter app installs to the various supported host apps, including 3ds Max. In order to install the integration, in Connecter, you need to open the Integrations dropdown and click on 3ds Max Integration Installer, then select the version of 3ds Max you would like to install in all supported locations. You will get a confirmation

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple versions of 3ds Max installed on your computer, the Integration will have a separate installation for each version you want to use it with. To start using the Integration on another 3ds Max version, just use the “drag in the viewport” interaction described above.

In 3ds Max, you access the Integration through the commands it adds to the Quad Menu. Some of them are also available in the Connecter dropdown menu.


The default installation of the Integration adds the following items to the Quad Menu:

quad menu.png

You can customize what Integration options show in the Quad Menu. To do so: 

  1. Go to the Customize menu and select the “Customize User Interface” option.
  2. Open the Quads tab.
  3. Browse the Category dropdown and select Design Connected.
  4. Select the bottom right quad to browse the Integration items currently added.
  5. Drag a new action from the list on the left and drop it at the desired position in the quad on the right.
  6. Save or update your 3ds Max UI configuration file. 

cusmomizing_quad menu commands.gif

Updating the Integration

New versions of the 3ds Max Integration may be released after you install Connecter and use the Integration version that comes with it for a while. You will get a notification in the Connecter when this happens. All you need to do to start using the new version is to drag an asset from Connecter in Max.


Suppose it has the Integration updated while the 3ds Max app on which it has already been installed is running. The following dialog will appear in that case, prompting you to reload the Integration. Click the Yes button to update Integration in your current 3ds Max session. 


Installation FAQ

Q: Where do I download the Integration from?
A: The Integration comes with the Connecter app installation so you don’t need to download it separately. Just install it from the Integrations menu.

Q: How do I know if the Integration is installed with my 3ds Max version?
A: In the 3ds Max listener, type in: connecterscript != undefined
If the response is “true”, you have the Integration installed on this 3ds Max version. 

Q: Where can I find the Integration in 3ds Max?
A: Once installed in 3ds Max, the Integration functionality is accessible from the viewport right-click quad menu and the Connecter dropdown menu.

quad menu.png

Q: How to remove or uninstall the Integration from 3ds Max?
A: In Connecter, go to Integrations -> 3ds Max Integration Installer, and click "Uninstall." Then, select the version from which you want to remove the integration or uninstall it from all.

Q: The integration just got updated. Can I use an older version of the integration?
A: You can’t roll back to a previous version once the Integration gets updated.

Q: How to check which Integration version I’m using?
A: To check the Integration current version on your computer:

  1. In Connecter, go to "Integrations" in the Menu bar and choose the “3ds Max Integration Installer” option.
  2. Click the "Version" button in the dialog.     



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