Connecter's Hybrid DAM FAQ

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How would Connecter's Hybrid DAM benefit my team in one sentence?

Connecter's Hybrid DAM allows you to optimize storage by offloading less-used content to the cloud, enables immediate access to metadata and visual previews for remote or onsite teams, and secures content with cloud copy, ensuring control over unexpected modifications. 

What does "Hybrid" in Connecter's Hybrid DAM stand for?

Its hybrid approach integrates your assets' local files and cloud content into one system, enabling onsite and remote team members to search and visually browse assets and sync their content locally when needed. And assets you no longer need to work with locally can easily store their content only in the cloud

My organization already has all assets in the cloud. Why should we bother?

In contrast with other cloud-only solutions that can't preview 3d models, materials, HDRI, and other creative assets, the Connecter Hybrid DAM lets you browse all your assets with relevant visual previews and rich metadata stored in the cloud.

Where does Connecter's Hybrid DAM store the assets' content?

Connecter's Hybrid DAM doesn't come with its own cloud storage space; instead, it integrates with the popular cloud storage providers, so you can utilize the one your organization already uses or choose the one that fits your requirements. Read more about the benefits.

Why does Connecter's Hybrid DAM not offer cloud storage for the assets?

We don't want to bundle Connecter's Hybrid DAM feature with cloud storage which would come at a higher price but let you use the storage solution that best fits your requirements and budget. Read more about this approach's benefits.

My preferred cloud storage provider isn't supported. What should I do?

We're working on adding more popular cloud storage providers. Drop us your preferred solution to help us decide on the next-to-come integration.

Are our assets safe with Connecter's Hybrid DAM?

Following Connecter's core concept of not interfering with your data storage decisions, Connecter's Hybrid DAM handles your assets' content by integrating with your chosen third-party cloud storage provider. 

This approach ensures compliance with data sovereignty regulations, security, and backup and disaster recovery solutions that apply to your business.    

How can we access the assets' content added to the Connecter's Hybrid DAM's storage?

The assets' content stored in the Connecter's Hybrid DAM's cloud storage is only usable via Connecter's desktop app, which manages that content. 

The functionality for accessing (downloading and sharing) asset content from the web browser comes with the next Connecter and Web Catalogs web app releases. 

We work with large files; how fast is Connecter's Hybrid DAM? 

How fast you search assets added to the Hybrid DAM and browse their previews and metadata depends entirely on the cloud storage provider and the product you choose. 

Your internet connectivity is also critical since Connecter will use the maximum bandwidth to transmit data to and from the Hybrid DAM's cloud storage and your Workspace database. 

Uploading or downloading 1GB of assets' content takes what it takes regardless of Connecter app and Hybrid DAM's specific functionality.

What collaborative workflows does Connecter's Hybrid DAM offer?

Connecter's Hybrid DAM integrates with all existing Connecter app collaborative features like Feedback and Workflows. 

Workflows for collaboration on the assets' content via a web browser comes with the next Connecter and Web Catalogs web app releases. 

Can Connecter's Hybrid DAM utilize our private cloud storage?

Currently, Connecter's Hybrid DAM only integrates with the following cloud storage providers:



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