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Smart Catalogs are one of the organizational entities of Web Catalogs, along with Assets Sets and Collection Sets. Among all of them, Smart Catalogs are the only ones that are dynamic lists of assets – they work with synced data from Connecter and reflect the changes you make in the app.

If you create a tag in Connecter for a certain project and modify its content, all changes will dynamically appear in the web portal. Your Partners will be able to see it in the Smart Catalog based on that Tag.

They’re useful because when synced, they’re up to date with Connecter’s asset library. They can be shared with one or multiple Partners. Smart Catalogs can be accessed from the sidebar by clicking this icon Web Catalog - Smart Catalogs 1_icon.png. There are all Assets Sets and Smart Catalogs mixed together but sorted alphabetically for easier navigation. You can see how to differentiate them below.


There are two types of Smart Catalogs depending on what they're based on:

  • Based on a Search – they’ll be updated based on the search results in a Web Catalog.
  • Based on Tags – they reflect the changes made in the tagging structure.

NOTE: Updates in Connecter’s desktop app will reflect in Web Catalogs after the syncing process is completed. 

Smart Catalogs have special symbols on top so you can differentiate them easily:

  • Web Catalog - Smart Catalogs 2_search.png – for a Smart Catalog based on a Search.
  • Web Catalog - Smart Catalogs 3_tag.png – for a Smart Catalog based on one or multiple Tags.
  • Web Catalog - Smart Catalogs 4_search, shared.png – for a Smart Catalog based on a Search, shared with any number of Partners.
  • Web Catalog - Smart Catalogs 5_tag, shared.png – for a Smart Catalog based on one or multiple Tags, shared with any number of Partners.

Web Catalog - Smart Catalogs 6_view.png


Team Members and Partners have different access permissions in regard to Smart Catalogs:

  • Team Members can access all Smart Catalogs. 
  • Partners can access the Smart Catalogs shared with them.

What can you do?

Team Members can perform the following actions:

  • Create/Delete a Smart Catalog.
  • Add assets from the Smart Catalog to an Assets Set or a Collection.
  • Browse the gallery containing the previews of all assets in the Smart Catalog.
  • Set a cover for a Smart Catalog.
  • Share an Assets Set with one or multiple Partners or revoke a Partner's access to it.
  • Rename a Smart Catalog.

NOTE: If you delete a Smart Catalog, you don't delete the assets or their previews from the Connecter desktop app – you only delete the entity that contains them in Web Catalogs.

Partners can perform the following actions on the Smart Catalogs:

  • Explore the assets in them and see their previews.
  • If they have a Collection shared with them, they can select assets from a Smart Catalog and add them to that Collection.



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