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Connecter’s 3ds Max integration (the “Integration” hereafter) is a set of plugins and scripts that offer additional workflows when working with assets in the Connecter app and 3ds Max host app. 

It's the most advanced integration within Connecter, offering the following workflows:

  • Fast drag & drop merge of assets with tons of powerful features.
  • Saving assets from 3ds Max to Connecter with a generation of previews.
  • Management of .max and .mat external files without opening 3ds Max.
  • Previewing external files of .max and .mat assets through dedicated 3ds Max instance.

The integration has multiple applications, which leads to different system requirements:

  • In 3ds Max – for merge, saving, etc. – 3ds Max 2019 or higher.
  • In Connecter – for managing external files – the assets are saved with 3ds Max 2010 or higher.

NOTE: The Integration adds functionality on top of all standard workflows for opening and merging assets in 3ds Max, supported by default by the Connecter app. Although this functionality is designed to offer various practical workflows, it’s not mandatory to use it if you want to stick with the basic opening and merging of assets. 

NOTE: The Connecter app can read 3ds Max assets (*.max, *.mat) metadata like embed previews, Max version, renderer, and additional info about the 3D scene (number of faces, objects, etc.). It also offers full-fledged management of assets’ external files (MEF) without opening the 3ds Max host app. This functionality is not a functional part of the Integration and is available by default in the Connecter app. 



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